Swift CouchDB client 1.4.0

Swift CouchDB client

A new version of CouchDB Client has been released:

  • The library migrated from HTTPClient.Response to HTTPClientResponse, which is similar to HTTPClient.Response but used for the Swift Concurrency API. It also migrated from HTTPClient.Body to HTTPClientRequest.Body. These changes impact the get and find methods. Old methods are marked as deprecated, please refer to the documentation for the updated methods.
  • The minimum Swift version is now 5.8.
  • The CouchDBRepresentable protocol is now marked as Codable.
  • Additionally, a new data model called RowsResponse has been added. It accepts a generic CouchDBRepresentable type, making it easier to retrieve rows from a database. For example:
    let decodeResponse = try JSONDecoder().decode(RowsResponse<MyApp>.self, from: data)
  • Lastly, there have been small improvements in the documentation and tutorials.

CouchDB Client on GitHub | Documentation with examples and tutorials.

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